Are you going on a shopping trip to a tile store to pick flooring materials for your home renovation project? If you want to add value to your home, you may want to consider investing in granite tile for your floors. In this article, learn about the pros and cons of investing in granite tile flooring to decide if it can meet your needs.

What are the Pros & Cons of Granite Tile Flooring?

One of the pros of granite tile flooring is how durable it is. Granite is a heavy natural stone that is not likely to deteriorate. You won't have to worry about water spills seeping into the stone and causing damage because it can repel water. The granite also won't become dull like some of other flooring materials, as it contains various minerals (quartz, mica) that help it maintain a shine. These minerals also give the granite natural beauty and appeal.

A few of the other pros include:

  • It doesn't get stained.
  • It's available in various colors.
  • It's a rare stone that can add value to a home.

One of the cons of granite tile flooring is that it can crack if installation is not done right. For instance, the subflooring must be prepared and leveled in way so that there are no bumps present. Placing heavy granite on unleveled subflooring can result in the tiles eventually cracking.

A few of the other cons include:

  • Granite tile can get cold
  • Installing heavy granite tiles can take time

Investing in granite tile flooring comes with more benefits than downfalls, so it is something you will be happy with for a long time. As long as the granite flooring is installed by a professional, you should not have many problems with it.

What Does it Cost for a Professional to Install Granite Tile Flooring?

You are likely to pay an average of $2 per square foot for the purchase of granite tiles. However, the price will rise depending on the labor fee charged by the contractor hire to install the flooring. The price will also fluctuate based on if you purchase the flooring materials in advance or leave it up to the contractor. The complexity of the installation process will also be considered in the cost.

Give your home a classy look by investing in granite tile flooring for the renovation project. Investigate your tile options through someplace like Star Tile Co in Vancouver to discuss the project and get new floors installed!