How to Repaint Your Cabinets with a Spray Gun

Whenever you are repainting hard wood cabinets, it will look much better if you use a pneumatic spray gun. These guns are great because they are easy-to-use and they speed up the painting process. However, you will need to take special considerations and preparation when using a spray gun. This article will explain the best way to repaint your kitchen cabinets with a spray gun.

Painting the Doors

Perhaps the most important part of any cabinet system is the doors and drawers. These are the most visible design elements of a cabinet system. When you think about it, a cabinet is just a plain box, while the doors have all the decorative edges.

The best way to paint doors and drawers is to remove them completely from the cabinets and paint them in a separate location. You should set up a painting station in your garage, or even on your driveway. Lay down a large piece of tarp and set the doors on little blocks of wood so they are not touching the floor. Also, remove all the hardware from the doors before you start to spray them. When spraying with the gun is important that you never pull the trigger while you are pointing directly at a piece of wood. Instead, pointed it at the tarp next to the wood, start spraying, and then move your arm sideways as you paint the wood. Release the trigger as you pass the end of the wood.

When using a spray gun, you will probably need to apply two coats to each side of the wood. Between each coat, After the paint is completely dry, you need to lightly steel wool the surface. This will remove any paint particles that dried before they bonded with the wet paint. It will result in a much cleaner looking and smoother finish.

Painting the Cabinet Boxes

Painting the actual cabinet boxes that are still attached to the walls is actually more difficult because you need to mask off your entire kitchen. This can be very time consuming, but you do not want any paint getting onto your kitchen floor and appliances. Be thorough when masking off your kitchen so you can spray with worrying about paint getting all over. A new paint job on your kitchen cabinets will make the entire room look new and fresh. It is a fun remodel, and it is not too difficult if you learn how to use a pneumatic paint gun. Talk to experts like Gravelle Woodworking Limited for more information.