Waterproofing your deck is an essential project that you need to do every few years. If you live in a particularly wet climate, you might need to do it every year. However, new waterproofing products are more effective. You can apply resurfacing liquids onto wooden decks.

These liquids are kind of like paint, but they are thicker and more protective. They basically add a thick, rubbery coat that protects and preserves the wood. Best of all, applying the resurfacing solutions does not require any special tools or skill. This article will explain how to waterproof a wooden exterior deck with resurfacing solutions.

1. Sand Down the Deck

The messiest, part of resurfacing the deck is sanding it down. You need to sand down the deck to make the surface smooth and paintable. You do not need to sand off all of the old stain. You just want the surface to be smooth enough so that waterproofing will create a strong bond.

In the end, resurfacing solution can protect your wooden deck so well that you might not need to waterproof it again for a decade. It is a simple and durable solution for wooden decks.

2. Paint on the Waterproofing

The resurfacing solution can be applied to your deck, just like paint or stain. You can use a high nap paint roller to get a thick and complete coat. This also means you will need to tape off the areas around your deck to protect the non-wood surfaces, like metal supports and concrete foundation.

Use a short extension pole will rolling the resurfacing solution onto the deck. Otherwise, you will wear your back out bending over as you try to paint it. Be aware that the liquid will seep between the planks and drip down on whatever is under the deck. Most people are not concerned with this if there is just dirt or concrete under their deck.

You want to make sure that you get the resurfacer onto all four sides of each wood plank. Getting it to cover the side of the planks can be difficult. It is best to use a small, thin paint brush that will fit in between the planks. To paint the underside of the deck you might need to get down and dirty. Since this area is often invisible, you do not need to be too concerned about spills. It is quickest to apply the paint onto the underside with a paint roller.

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