Sunrooms are typically used as indoor porches, but this space in your home can be put to use in many different ways that are both functional and stylish. If you are considering adding a sunroom to your home, consider these options for expanding your home's available space.

A Children's Playroom

Toys, books and games tend to find their way all over your home, and if your children have limited bedroom space, they may not have a lot of room to play. Your sunroom can be used for a playroom that keeps toys out of the common areas in the home while giving your little ones a bright, sunny place to be creative. Consider adding art easels and a crafting table for projects and install a shelving system for storing toys and games. Ask your contractor to place soft indoor/outdoor carpeting in the room to make it easy to keep the flooring clean. For a creative decorative touch, hang clothesline in each window and use clothes pins to hang each child's art for a fun alternative to drapes or blinds.

A Master Bedroom

Whether your home doesn't have a master bedroom or you simply want to create a stunning new one, your sunroom can be the perfect place for your new bedroom. A sunroom that doubles as a bedroom lets you create a bright, sunny space for relaxing and enjoying the view of your garden or backyard. Its location away from the rest of the bedrooms in the house can make the room feel like a private sanctuary. Have fun with the outdoor inspiration of a sunroom by adding lots of plants and indoor trees to the space, and consider hanging a hammock in a corner of the room instead of using a chaise lounge or side chairs. Install rustic wood blinds to add beauty to the space and to provide privacy at nighttime or while you are away from home.

A Home Gym

The bright sunlight that comes into the room can make your sunroom an inspiring place to complete your daily exercise routine. Talk to your contractor about building a sunroom that doubles as a home gym. Add a mirrored wall to the room to create a space for doing yoga and Pilates, and position your treadmill and elliptical facing the windows for a beautiful view as you work out. If you have enough space, consider installing an indoor exercise pool for year-round, low-impact workouts. Be sure to have your contractor connect your HVAC system to the room so you can keep the space air conditioned for added comfort as you exercise.

Your sunroom doesn't just have to be a seating area in your home. You can use a sunroom to maximize your home's square footage and create a fun and functional space. Use these ideas as inspiration for your sunroom addition, or talk to your contractor (liek Desert Sun Patios Ltd sunrooms) about other options for your project.