Home decorating trends go in and out of style every year. However, those interested in making their home look its best might adore springtime, when old fashions are tossed out and new ones take their place. But what if you don't want to make big changes, and instead want to incorporate recent trends and modernize your home without spending tens of thousands of dollars on remodeling a perfectly serviceable home? If you're looking for a few subtle home decorating trends to incorporate in your home's preexisting design, then here's what you need to know.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Humans are tactile creatures – always wanting touch things that look cool in front of them – so it stands to reason that something that instinctual to humans would be incorporated in home design. This season, any sort of eye-catching texture is hot, be it faux fur, fiber fabrics, or more natural textures like live plants – especially cut flowers. For an easy way to use this trend, purchase a faux fur throw blanket or couch cover, making sure to get one whose colors complement your décor, but don't echo your main color. This way, your texture is a focal piece in every way imaginable.

All That Glitters

It goes without saying that sparkle and shine will inevitably catch the eye, and the trend this year is to capitalize on that. However, before you break back out the disco ball or rhinestone-studded mirror, this year's trend combines the glitz and glamour of sparkle with darker colors like blacks and dark greys. As it's so broad, this trend is really easy to incorporate into your home's design without ripping out fixtures and furniture left and right. Try investing in dark paint with a bit of sparkle in it to paint an accent stripe in your front room, or find a larger lamp with some glitz on it to take advantage of this trend without breaking the bank.

Mix, Don't Match

For years and years, sets of kitchen cabinets in homes, no matter their style, all matched each other in style and color. This year, however, the trend is to have a few cabinets of many different designs, giving a sort of trendy patchwork feel to your kitchen. In order to invest in this fun, carefree trend without emptying your wallet, consider redoing doors and repainting your cabinets, rather than ripping them out entirely. The hot colors for this year include picks like deep green, funky yellow, and blue heron. Contact a business that specializes in kitchen renovation for help with your cabinets.